Commercial Baking Equipment

Commercial Baking Equipment: 6 Reasons to Invest 

High-quality commercial baking equipment can be a game-changer for your bakery or restaurant. If you’re looking for solid reasons to make the move to professional-level equipment, we have answers you can count on.

Commercial Baking Equipment

Below are six time-tested reasons commercial baking equipment is one of the smartest uses of your business funds.

1. It’s Just That — an Investment

Name-brand commercial baking equipment is built to last, maybe even longer than you’ll want to use it. You might want to upgrade to the latest model that has new features in five to 10 years. Or maybe you’ll need a larger-capacity machine.

Not only will your appliances have served you well over their lifetime, they’ll most likely still be functioning and still worth money. You can trade them in or sell them and put the funds toward your appliance upgrade.

2. You Get Quality and Increase Quantity

Residential equipment isn’t designed for the grueling, repetitive work a commercial setting demands. Not only will your equipment have trouble keeping up, you’re likely to get a subpar result.

With commercial ovens and mixers that are designed for creating large quantities of a high-quality product, you won’t worry about keeping up with demand and sustaining an excellent product.

3. Your Kitchen Operates Faster

Baking multiple small batches in a row takes more time and holds up the production line. Don’t you work better when every person and appliance in your kitchen is operating at maximum efficiency? Create the smooth, fast operations process you need when you invest in modern appliances.

4. You Pay Less in Energy Costs

High-end machines are built to maximum energy efficiency standards. You will use less energy and save money. You’ll also need to use them less frequently than your old, residential-level appliances, since they have a higher capacity. Together, these two factors will lower your bills.

5. Your Life Gets Easier

It’s simply less of a headache when you don’t have to make spot repairs every day. You don’t have to cross your fingers that your oven will turn on. Your life just gets easier, and that is invaluable to a small business owner!

6. You Can Be More Creative

Because many commercial baking equipment items are designed with additional capabilities, you’re free to be more creative in your baking. You aren’t limited by the basic settings on your old appliances.

Ready to give your kitchen the upgrade it needs? Contact Stratton Sales for information on financing commercial baking equipment. We have many options available to help your business succeed.

Boost Bakery Capacity

4 Ways to Boost Bakery Capacity 

Increasing bakery capacity puts your business on the fast track to higher profits. When you make more sales, you hit your targets sooner.

Boost Bakery Capacity

How can you increase bakery capacity and reach your goals this year?

1. Let Machines Handle Tasks

From bread slicers to pan washers, a range of commercial equipment can save time at your bakery — time that you can invest into upping your production. If you’re depending on manpower to do tasks a machine could handle, consider making the switch to automated.

2. Expand Appliance Capacity

Do you have trays waiting to go in the oven but not enough space? When you increase appliance capacity, you increase bakery capacity. It’s the fastest way to produce more.

Another way appliance upgrades increase bakery capacity is through energy savings. Many modern machines offer significant energy savings over machines manufactured over a decade ago. When you save money on monthly utilities, you can reserve more of your cash flow for supplies or labor.

3. Hire Expert Help

The first employee any bakery should hire is a skilled one. You need another “you” — someone who can quickly take direction and infuse their own creativity along the way. It’s important to have someone you can depend on for day-to-day tasks so you can take time to focus on the management side of your business.

4. Analyze Efficiency in Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen setup reducing your efficiency? This is often overlooked, but a change to your kitchen layout can dramatically boost production. Convenient placement of appliances and bakeware can save time on tasks and allow you and your employees to be more productive.

5. More Tips for Bakery Owners

Whenever you’re working to increase bakery capacity, make sure the demand is high enough to meet your supply. There is nothing worse than boosting production only to find that the product isn’t selling. Analyze past reports and seasonal trends to see what sells most and when. Don’t just start adding numbers to your daily production targets — use data to back up your efforts. This will result in the highest payoff for your business.

Stratton Sales offers convenient financing for bakery owners who want to boost bakery capacity through investing in upgraded commercial equipment.

Maintenance Guidelines for Commercial Cookware

Maintenance Guidelines for Commercial Cookware

Efficiently cleaning commercial cookware properly is one of the non-negotiable, necessary tasks in your professional kitchen. Whether you’re adding different cookware material types or you’re getting ready to train new staff members on proper cleaning protocols, this guide can offer a refresher on what not to do, as well as the most effective cleaning techniques for aluminum and stainless steel.Maintenance Guidelines for Commercial Cookware

Aluminum Pots and Pans

Aluminum is a popular choice for commercial cookware because it has high heat conductivity. Your pans get hotter, faster. At the same time, it’s not as durable as high-quality steel or cast iron. Still, when you take care of your pans the right way, they’ll last longer and provide a higher return on investment.

When dealing with aluminum, the first thing to know is you should never rinse this cookware with cold water until it’s cooled down. Filling a hot aluminum pan with cold water can cause it to warp.

Since aluminum is reactive, it has a tendency to stain once combined with other reactive elements. Instead of scrubbing with an abrasive pad or sponge, try soaking the pan in a solution designed to withdraw the stain. Aluminum is also susceptible to scratching, so always take a gentle approach to cleaning.

Make sure you remove acidic substances from the pan as soon as possible after cooking in order to avoid corrosion. Aluminum is soft, so small pits may show up if acids are allowed to coat the surface for an extended period.

Dealing with Steel

Stainless steel is extremely versatile — you can cook a myriad of foods, both on the range and in the stove. If you mainly use steel pots and pans, you know its durability is admirable, but it can be extremely difficult to clean.

One way to avoid the problem of food sticking to the pan is to heat the pan first, add oil and then the food. If it’s still hard to remove the stuck-on food, fill the pan with soapy water and bring it to a boil. This can help remove the stubborn leftover bits.

To get rid of steel discoloration, use vinegar or a cleaner specifically formulated for stainless steel. Dry the pans right away to avoid water spots.

When Your Equipment Isn’t Measuring Up

Your commercial cookware is an integral part of your daily operations, but so is your commercial baking equipment. We understand how much you depend on these machines, and we’re here to offer affordable solutions when your equipment needs to be replaced, or if it’s simply time for an upgrade. Stratton Sales offers equipment financing that can help your commercial kitchen operate at its most efficient level.

Baking Trends

Baking Trends for 2018 You Should Know About


Analyzing baking trends can help bakers and chefs improve their menus in the new year and stay ahead of what diners will want to explore as 2018 unfolds. If you’re ready to think about how to incorporate fresh ideas into your restaurant or bakery’s menu, start with the seven selections below. Baking Trends

  1. “Slow” Dough

 With a growing focus on gut health, fermented products are taking front and center, and this includes dough. Slow dough is dough that has been fermented and is rich in probiotics. It results in a crispy product when cooked that is commonly used for pizza crust. It reportedly doesn’t cause as much bloating as regular pizza crust.

  1. Middle Eastern Foods

 Middle Eastern cuisine is growing in popularity, from staples like baba ganoush and hummus to naan bread and tikki masala. World dishes in both modern and traditional forms are becoming more widespread around the country.

  1. Plant-Based Foods

 Veganism is more than a diet — it’s a lifestyle. A plant-based menu will attract many vegan diners. From vegan cupcakes to five-course dinners, incorporate plant-only menu selections to delight local vegans.

  1. Upcycled Foods

Restaurant food waste is a hot topic. Structuring your menu in an effort to reduce the amount of food your company throws away is better for lowering operating costs and also a great way to show your customer base that you are committed to sustainability. Upcycled foods have a large potential consumer market.

  1. Goth Foods

 While rainbow foods used to be on-trend, baking trends for 2018 include goth colors. From activated charcoal to straight-up black food dye, think about ways to include darker colors in unexpected ways, preferably items with health benefits.

  1. Sugar Reduction

 Bakeries and restaurants everywhere are reducing the amount of sugar they use in their baking. If you can maintain the flavors your customers love but take away some of the calories, you’ll be a go-to place to visit when they’re looking for a satisfying snack or marvelous meal.

  1. Floral Flavors

Flavors are going floral! That’s what experts say, so think about how you can incorporate flower flavors to stay on top of baking trends next year. Think violet, orange blossom, lavender and more.

 Edible flowers are becoming a popular snack, but the essence of the flowers is what will provide the creative profile needed to inspire new snacks, meals, drinks and desserts for your menu.

Stratton Sales is an equipment provider dedicated to helping restaurants and bakeries succeed. This new year, make sure you’re prepared with updated equipment to help you grow and provide the quality products your customers expect.

Commercial Pan Washers: What to Look For

A commercial pan washer is invaluable to a restaurant or bakery kitchen. It keeps your operations running smoothly, and it gives you confidence your pans and dishware are really clean.

If you can’t say your current dishwasher is an asset, it might be time to look for a replacement. What should you look for when you’re ready to move on from your aging, temperamental, commercial pan washer?


It Has to Fit Your Space

Does your dishwasher fit easily into your kitchen? Maybe you have more space, and you also have more demand, but your dishwasher is small. Or maybe you have the opposite problem.

Consider the design of your kitchen when you’re ready to make the switch to a new machine, and make sure it’s sized and positioned for maximum efficiency.

It Has to Keep Up with Demand

Do you wish your dishwasher could run through cycles faster? Do you wish you could fit more dishes in a load? Think about what you need right now, but also think a little ahead. Purchase a machine that will meet your restaurant’s needs today and a few years down the road.

It Should Be Intuitive

Don’t waste money on a machine you will have to spend hours teaching your employees how to use. Find a commercial pan washer that’s intuitive, that can save your settings and that you can trust to get the job done right every time.

It Should Be Energy-Efficient

Speaking of wasting money, you’ll spend less on utilities when you invest in an energy-efficient machine! When it takes less energy to heat and less water to complete a cycle, you save significantly.

It Shouldn’t Be Too Loud

A noisy commercial pan washer will annoy your kitchen staff and your customers. Make sure the model you choose is designed for smooth, quiet operation.

It Has to Stand the Test of Time

Ultimately, you want to get the most for your money. While most commercial dishwashers are designed to last about five years, an inferior product will break down much sooner than that. A broken dishwasher means a backed-up kitchen, and that means unhappy diners. You lose money on repairs, additional labor and diners who choose to go elsewhere because of slow service. Think about the potential long-term effects on your reputation.

No, you don’t want a wishy-washy dishwasher. You need a sturdy, dependable, commercial pan washer, like the models we sell at Stratton Sales. Get in touch with us today to learn more and explore pricing options!

Baking with Gingerbread

Baking with Gingerbread: 7 Recipes for Success

Gingerbread is one of those holiday staples you just have to have at the Thanksgiving dessert table, and in your Christmas spread too. It’s a treat that most people love, especially because it’s the main ingredient in a fun activity! Decorating gingerbread houses usually makes you want to eat this sweet holiday dessert, and we’ve curated seven recipes you can try this merry baking season.

Baking with Gingerbread

Take a look at our list of top recipe options to try, both at home and at your bakery!

1. Gingersnaps

It’s the classic cookie that you can’t not bake this holiday season. With molasses, cinnamon, sugar, and of course, ground ginger, you can’t go wrong. This recipe only takes 30 minutes to bake and then your cookies are ready for quick consumption.

2. Gingerbread Cake

Bake this moist, scrumptious gingerbread cake and don’t feel bad eating it for breakfast. With a dollop of whipped cream and a glass of milk (or mug of coffee), it goes down easily and it’s worth the effort.

3. Cream Cheese Frosting Cupcakes

Gingerbread and cream cheese? Yes, please. Fluffy cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (that’s flavored with cinnamon) will make you want to live in the holiday season forever.

4. Pumpkin Bars

What a great way to blend Thanksgiving and Christmas — use pumpkin with gingerbread for the ultimate fall/winter holiday treat! Twenty-five minutes of prep time and one hour and 20 minutes of baking time yields 48 bars, perfect for supplying a holiday party.

5. Gingerbread Pudding Cake

Make a gingerbread pudding cake in your slow cooker for a hands-off, easy dessert that is delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

6. Gingerbread Cheesecake

No holiday dessert list is complete without cheesecake. Nutmeg, cloves and molasses flavor this treat, and your taste buds will never be the same.

7. Gingersnap Bark

Are you a white chocolate fan? Here’s where you can combine this love with your passion for gingerbread. Gingersnap bark offers a crunch but still melts in your mouth.

8. Why Is Gingerbread Associated with the Holidays?

Did you know the first recipes for gingerbread originated from Greece in 2400 B.C.? It wasn’t until the 16th century when gingerbread houses became popular in Germany that the dessert began to be associated with Christmas. It is thought that the Brothers Grimm fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel and the witch’s house made of treats may have popularized the idea of the gingerbread house.

Today, your customers and your family members alike will appreciate your contribution to the holiday dessert table, especially if it’s gingerbread. If you need to replace any baking equipment to ensure you create the best product possible, depend on Stratton Sales this holiday season.

Facts About Doughnuts

Facts About Doughnuts That Might Surprise You

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? And they’re not just fun to eat, they’re fun to learn about, too. As a baker responsible for bringing soft, warm, gooey doughnut goodness to your customers, you can now impress them with your doughnut knowledge as well.

Facts About Doughnuts

Here are some fun facts about doughnuts you can share with your customers:

1. There Isn’t One Right Way to Spell It

Doughnut is the original dictionary spelling, but many places use the shorter “donut” now. In fact, doughnut used to be the only spelling, but the Merriam-Webster Dictionary now lists donut as an alternate spelling, allowing you to choose your favorite.

2. They’re More Than Just Slightly Popular

People love their doughnuts. In the U.S., over 10 billion are produced every year. The U.S. doughnut industry is worth $3.6 billion. Boost these numbers and get a doughnut machine to add power to your bakery’s production and give your customers what they want!

3. They Have Their Own Holidays

There are countless holidays dedicated solely to doughnuts. Jan. 12 is National Glazed Doughnut Day, and Nov. 5 and the first Friday in June are National Doughnut Days. June 8 is National Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day and Sept. 14 is National Crème-Filled Doughnut Day.

Make sure your shelves are fully stocked on these days and advertise your sales ahead of time to attract a crowd!

4. You Can’t Eat More Doughnuts Than John Haight

One of the most shocking facts about doughnuts is the doughnut-eating record. John Haight holds the current Guinness World Record after he ate 29 doughnuts in a little over 6 minutes. As much as you love doughnuts, it’s probably intimidating to think about eating that many!

5. Bet You’ve Never Seen a Bigger One!

The largest doughnut ever made was jelly-filled and weighed 1.7 tons. It measured 16 feet across and 16 inches high.

6. They’re Thought to Have Originated in Holland

While the origin of the doughnut isn’t certain, many believe that the Dutch brought the doughnut to America prior to the Revolutionary War. They were once called “olykoeks,” meaning “oily cakes.” They were first referenced in literature by Washington Irving, the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Use Their Popularity to Your Bakery’s Advantage

You don’t have to turn your bakery into a doughnut shop, but if you offer doughnuts at your bakery, you are certain to see a spike in sales. Everyone loves doughnuts, especially creative flavors! You can make savory options or stick to the sweet, glazed classics.

A doughnut maker from Stratton Sales can help you make more doughnuts in less time. Share these facts about doughnuts with your staff and customers alike so they can enjoy a side of trivia with their treat!

Prepare Your Bakery for the Holiday Season 

How to Prepare Your Bakery for the Holiday Season 

Is your bakery ready for the holiday rush?

The holidays can be extremely profitable but overwhelming for bakeries. This year, vow to prepare properly so you can keep your sanity and maintain a smooth operation through this critical time of year.
Prepare Your Bakery for the Holiday Season 

With the major holidays fast approaching, what can you do in the next few weeks to prepare your bakery for the inevitable rush of business? 

Analyze Last Year and Learn from It

Do you have an inventory of sales from this time last year? If so, it may be your most valuable document in the preparation process. By assessing how much you sold and when, you can predict what you’ll need to order ahead. It can also help you can predict if and when you’ll need seasonal help, and for how long.

You can avoid wasting resources by using last year’s records, because while there is always a chance your numbers may differ this year, sales tend to follow similar patterns. Avoid having to tell your customers, “Sorry, we’re out of stock!” and keep the holiday spirits (and profits) high!

Never Underestimate the Popularity of the Classics

It’s fine to branch out and use the holidays as an opportunity to unleash your baking creativity, but don’t forsake the classics in your haste to be original. Pumpkin pies on Thanksgiving. Decorative sugar cookies at Christmastime. Some key staples you just can’t leave off your shelves, or customers will start asking questions! Worse, they’ll check another bakery in town.

Environment Is Important

How you decorate your bakery for the holidays will influence your customers’ buying habits. Who wants to shop at a place that barely recognizes the changing seasons? Make sure your storefront is welcoming to all holiday shoppers and your store’s interiors encourage the upsell with lights, decorations and music.

Your Employees’ Holiday Spirit Is Key

Are your employees in the holiday mood? The promise of a holiday bonus could help lift their spirits, or just a general appreciative attitude from their boss. When you happily anticipate the holiday rush and you’ve adequately stocked and staffed your store, your employees won’t feel as overwhelmed either. This helps them stay smiling so they can better help customers smile too.

Time Your Promotions Effectively

Holiday coupons and promotional offers are a good way to boost foot traffic, but don’t start advertising too early. Make sure you’re finding your customers when they’re in peak bakery buying mode — about one week before the big holiday gathering.

Stratton Sales is here to support local bakeries during all seasons, but especially the winter holiday rush, with tips, equipment and support for all your baking operations!

Replacing Bakery Equipment Boosts Employee Morale

Replacing Bakery Equipment Boosts Employee Morale

Your aging, broken-down bakery equipment doesn’t endear your employees to their workplace. It makes them sigh in frustration.

When was the last time you honestly assessed whether your bakery’s commercial equipment was up to the task of meeting daily demand? Is it time to upgrade to new, efficient models? Your employees probably say yes.

Replacing Bakery Equipment Boosts Employee Morale

No One Wants to Use Outdated Tools

Baking is a craft over which a baker has a considerable amount of control. They can select the ingredients, control the mixing method and use their years of experience and effortless skills to create wondrous treats, from puff pastry to layer cakes.

But when it comes to the point where the product has to bake, it’s out of the baker’s hands. They have to trust that their oven is powerful and efficient enough to cook their creation thoroughly and evenly.

This is why it gets frustrating for bakers to continue to depend on outdated bakery equipment. Old machines don’t have the features newer appliances do, and they might not work properly. If your employees are relying on out-of-date appliances, you can bet they’re discouraged.

You’re Spending Too Much on Energy Costs

Another downside to using older machines is the drain on your wallet. They use up more energy, driving up your monthly bills.

Utility rates aren’t getting any cheaper, so energy-efficient, modern machines that operate on less power could instantly help your operational budget.

Stop Bothering with Temporary Repairs

Are you constantly paying for minor repairs that never seem to last? Do you have your service technician’s number in your phone? You’re wasting money if you’re spending it on repairing machines that are past their prime. This is a sure sign it’s time to upgrade rather than stay stuck in the past.

Could You Combine Operations?

Newer bakery equipment allows commercial kitchens to combine two functions into one unit. Your oven could double as a steamer. This would save money, because you’d only have to buy one appliance instead of two, and it would free up valuable prep space in the work area — another benefit for your workers!

Your Employees Will Thank You

Putting a smile on your employees’ faces will translate to smiling customers. Your staff will thank you when you make sure their work environment is fully functional, beautiful and smartly designed.

Stratton Sales is here to help you become boss of the year by providing high-quality bakery equipment. We also offer low-interest financing. Get your outdated ovens, proofers and mixers replaced — call us today!

Ventilation in Your Bakery

How to Improve Ventilation in Your Bakery 

You might need to improve ventilation in your bakery if it gets too hot too often. Does smoke and steam hang in the air? Can you barely breathe after a couple of hours on the job? A lack of air circulation can make your ovens your worst enemy.

Beyond your comfort level, consider whether your bakery kitchen is meeting building code regulations. Also, too much humidity in the air can affect how dough responds, influencing the outcome of your products.

Ventilation in Your Bakery

Try the tips below to improve ventilation in your bakery.

Design it Right

If you’re designing a bakery kitchen, make ventilation one of your top priorities. An experienced design consultant or commercial HVAC expert can help ensure each appliance is perfectly aligned with a well-functioning ventilation system.

Push Appliances Against the Wall

When you eliminate air gaps, no hot air can get trapped between the appliance and the wall. This helps get the air flowing in one direction, into the exhaust system. Beyond helping to lower the room’s temperature, this is also helps your appliances last longer.

Use Fans

Place fans strategically throughout the kitchen to help with air circulation. Also use exhaust fans and vent hoods to help pull the heat and humidity out of your workspace. Consult with a professional to make sure you get the right size for your space and your appliances. Frequently, regulations about exhaust and fan systems are written into local codes, so before choosing your equipment, be sure you familiarize yourself with any requirements your area may have.

Educate Workers

Teach your bakery workers the signs of heatstroke. Ensure they take regularly scheduled breaks and drink plenty of water, especially if temperatures outdoors are hotter than indoors.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Schedule regular cleaning of all ventilation equipment, from range hoods to the ductwork behind the walls. Grease and grime can interfere with the proper function of exhaust systems, and it’s a fire hazard as well. A professional service can remove all the buildup.

We Have the Experience to Help

Ultimately, when you improve ventilation in your bakery kitchen, you’re improving appliance performance and helping your workers stay comfortable.

At Stratton Sales, we’re not just about selling commercial bakery equipment. We also help bakeries large and small with layout, design and installation. From local building code to health regulations, we know the standards you need to meet for top performance. Improve ventilation in your bakery — call us today.

Selling Baked Goods at a Farmers Market

Selling Baked Goods at a Farmers Market

There are many avenues for selling baked goods, but a farmers market is a great way to integrate into your local community. It’s where your neighbors congregate to browse and shop. It’s a social event as much as a sales venue, so it’s perfect for networking and making some extra profit.

Selling Baked Goods at a Farmers Market

Farmers Markets Are a Great Way to Get Exposure

Many community members might never hear about your bakery if they didn’t see you at the farmers market. Maybe they don’t drive by your shop or they simply haven’t had the time to visit it. Selling baked goods at the local market is how you bring your talents to them. Providing bite-sized free samples can draw them in and help keep you in their mind when they’re looking for locally made products.

Talk with the Local Coordinator

To get on board, first discuss possible openings with the local coordinator. In many towns, the majority of farmers market slots are reserved for farmers only, with a set number of spaces allowed for other vendors, such as bakers.

If there is a space open for you, ask about the details. Do you have to bring your own canopy and table? What’s provided and what isn’t?

You Probably Need a License and Permit

If you are selling edible products, you are likely required to have a license and a permit from the health department, similar to what’s required for your own bakery. If you’re already in business, it’s usually just a matter of filing paperwork to legally sell at the farmers market. Make sure you display your health certificate in accordance with the market and the town’s regulations.

Offer Freebies to Entice Those Passing By

If you’re having trouble enticing shoppers into your stall offer freebies to get them interested! Free samples are a great way to make curious snackers hungry for more.

Build an Attractive Booth

Make sure your farmers market customers know who you are and how to find you. Hang a banner with your bakery’s information. Hand out business cards with your hours and location. Design a booth that’s eye-catching and wear a friendly smile while you interact with your customers!

Bake Season-Friendly Items

Be mindful of what your customers want to eat from season to season. It’s important to keep temperature in mind as well. You don’t want frosting that could melt in the hot summer.

Make it Easy on Yourself

Selling baked goods is easy when you have the production down pat. Trust Stratton Sales for high-quality bakery equipment that will allow you to bake at the top of your game, creating fresh, delicious products to sell, whether it’s off the shelf or in the middle of a busy Saturday morning farmers market.

commercial kitchen

When Is it Time to Renovate Your Commercial Kitchen?

Is your commercial kitchen outdated and due for an upgrade? Sometimes it’s not so easy to tell.

Of course every baker or chef would love a new commercial kitchen. After all, it’s where you spend most of your time. But is it the right functional and financial decision right now? Your answers to the following questions will determine whether a commercial kitchen renovation is a smart move.

commercial kitchen

Is Ownership Changing?

If your bakery or restaurant is already in the midst of an ownership transition, it could be the right time to make kitchen design and functionality changes. This is especially key if you are the new owner and you notice clear deficiencies.

Is Production Capacity Limited by Your Current Setup?

When it comes down to it, you have a finite number of seats in your bakery or restaurant.

How many customers you can serve is determined by the number of people you have working. If demand is there, you want a full staff on the job. But what if your capacity is limited by your setup?

If an inefficient kitchen setup is inhibiting your growth and your success, a commercial kitchen renovation could be an investment that would pay for itself in the long term.

Are You Wasting Money on Inefficient Appliances?

Are you paying too much for inefficient, energy-guzzling appliances? If your ovens and mixers are outdated, it could be costing you money every month that would be better spent on newer, energy-efficient appliances.

Are You Falling Short of Codes and Regulations?

All commercial kitchens must observe countless health and safety codes to stay in compliance with local, state and federal laws. The purpose of these regulations is to keep your customers and staff safe and enhance the quality of the customer experience.

If codes are changing and your kitchen hasn’t adapted over the years, you may need a renovation to bring your workspace back into compliance.

Have You Saved for a Renovation?

If you have allocated savings toward a commercial kitchen remodel and you’ve answered yes to all these questions, it’s time to make some updates. However, even if you don’t have the funds available, don’t count out a renovation. You have financing options that make sense for a busy restaurant owner.

For example, Stratton Sales offers low-interest financing and no payments for 90 days, subject to credit approval. When you need to renovate your commercial kitchen to boost productivity and save money, we are here for you.