Common Commercial Oven Issues, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the specific potential causes of an oven that won’t heat properly.Commercial ovens have several important elements, and a lack of proper heating could signal issues in several different possible areas.

At Stratton Sales, we offer commercial baking equipment repair services for this and numerous other possible problems. We’ve seen every heat-related issue you can think of with a commercial oven, and we know how to diagnose the problem and provide you with an efficient, long-term solution. Today, we’ll zoom out a bit on this subject:There are a few specific heating concerns that may take place in your oven beyond “it won’t heat at all,” and these often give you good clues about which elements might be causing the root problem. Let’s go over a couple common scenarios to look out for here.

Not Cooking Evenly

In some cases, ovens will cook your desired baking products,but will not cook them evenly. Some pieces might be toasty brown while others are full-on burned, but still others aren’t coloured at all. To confirm that this is the issue taking place in your oven, do a test using products or materials that have to spread out horizontally – a batch of cookies is a good example, or a baked cake.

The most common cause of this issue is the first one we mentioned in part one of this blog: Issues with the heating elements in the oven. You can do a quick visual test to see if all your heating elements are glowing the proper shade of red to see whether this is the problem. If not,check your temperature sensors and see if they need to be replaced.

In still other cases, the issue might just be getting used to your new oven a little bit more. You might be placing your oven racks inefficiently, for instance, or performing some part of the maintenance process incorrectly in a way that leads to uneven heat. Spend some time figuring out howto bake and rotate items within the oven.

Wrong Temperature

In other cases, the temperature of the oven is consistent throughout – but it’s simply the wrong temperature. This can lead to food being over- or under-cooked, which can have a big impact on your business.

Once again, the first thing to check here is the temperature sensor. Make sure it isn’t touching the inside wall of the oven, which will get much hotter than the rest of the space. If this isn’t the issue, you can use a device called an ohmmeter to test the sensor’s performance. Finally, if none of this does the trick, you may need to manually calibrate the oven’s temperature using your own separate thermometer – our pros can help here if you’re concerned about doing this yourself.

For more on addressing an oven that isn’t heating properly,or to learn about any of our commercial bakery equipment services or supplies,speak to the pros at Stratton Sales today.

Common Commercial Oven Issues, Part 1

At Stratton Sales, we’re proud to be your go-to experts when it comes to repair for commercial bakery equipment. No matter what your issue is, large or small, we can assess the problem and help you find the most cost-effective solution. 

common commercial oven issues

There are a few different issues that might present themselves when speaking specifically about your commercial oven, and we can address all of them for you. In this two-part blog, we’ll go over a few of the most common such issues and what might need to be done about them – in part one here, we’ll discuss one specific issue: An oven that won’t heat up. There are several distinct sub-causes here that you should be aware of. Let’s take a look.

Defective Heating Elements

Commercial ovens use multiple heating elements to create the required temperature for baking, and the most common reason they struggle to heat up properly is that one or more of these elements isn’t working the right way. First check to ensure that your oven is set to the proper setting, then look to see if all your heating elements are glowing red – this is a telltale sign that they are working.

If one or more elements isn’t working, it may need to be replaced. In other cases, electrical issues in the wiring may be causing this element to be faulty, and you might just need to have a few things tweaked. 

Igniter Issues

In other cases, the bake ignitor might be the reason your oven isn’t heating up. This is a more common issue when the oven simply won’t heat at all, rather than only heating partially. 

If you think this is your issue, first shut off the gas to your oven and pull it away from the wall. Find the ignitor, which is located on the back of the oven. You will then need to use an item called a multimeter to detect whether the ignitor has power – our pros can help with this if you’re unsure how. 

Sensor or Bulb Problems

Most modern ovens have sensors that monitor and control temperatures, but these can go out and not display correctly. Other ovens without sensors, though, use a temperature-sensing bulb to control temperature – but again, this can go out or become loose. 

Thermostat and Calibration

If you’ve tried all of the above with no success, consider your thermostat and selector switches. The former might be defective or just sticking, while the latter might be defective and stopping you from switching between various cooking settings.

Furthermore, your oven may need to be calibrated. This is done using a dial on the back of your temperature knob, or sometimes at the bottom of the small shaft. For more on what the causes of your oven not heating might be, or to learn about any of our commercial ovens or other baking equipment, speak to the pros at Stratton Sales today.