Restaurant Management Mistakes to Avoid

Restaurant Management Mistakes to Avoid

When you’re in restaurant management, your goal is to keep your establishment profitable and running smoothly. It sounds so simple when it’s put that way, but you know it’s anything but.

Restaurant Management Mistakes to Avoid

Your duties include designing menus, marketing, responding to customer feedback, hiring and training staff, establishing systems and processes, implementing quality control at every level, keeping everyone happy, etc. The list never ends. It’s a wonder you get any sleep!

At the same time, you love your job and you fully embrace the responsibilities that come along with the title. But plenty can go wrong — and maybe has gone wrong — and we’ve identified four restaurant management mistakes we believe contribute to pitfalls.

Mistake #1: Forgetting the Importance of Communication

When it comes down to it, you aren’t in the food service business, you’re in the people business. You know it’s important to keep the lines of communication open with your customers, but don’t forget about your staff. They can provide some of the most valued insight, since they’re working in the setting every day.

Make full communication with every team member your top priority, and you’re likely to head off many problems in their earliest stages.

Mistake #2: Losing Track of Inventory

So many bad customer experiences, internal staff frustrations or owner annoyances can be traced back to mismanaged inventory. Regardless of whether you directly track inventory, you need to make sure it’s done efficiently and correctly. The tighter of a grip you keep on knowing what’s on the shelves and what’s on the books, the better off your establishment will be.

Mistake #3: Not Maintaining Critical Equipment

This is easy to overlook in a busy restaurant, but your major appliances must be serviced regularly. If you are the only member of the restaurant management team, this responsibility is likely on your shoulders.

From seal replacement to in-depth cleaning, make sure you delegate the proper tasks to a professional or your staff on a scheduled rotation. Maintenance, such as lubricating mixer components, is essential to the longevity of your machines. Avoid breakdowns and make your investment last longer.

Mistake #4: Not Replacing Critical Equipment

There comes a time when you’ve made one repair too many and it’s time to purchase new equipment. The best-run restaurants might not all have top-of-the-line everything, but they have ovens that work. Their machines aren’t out of service repeatedly. If you have equipment breakdowns, you have frustrated customers and even more frustrated staff members who have to explain the problem. Leave room in the budget to replace critical equipment when necessary!

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menu trends to watch this year

5 Menu Trends to Watch This Year

What menu trends are resonating with diners this year?

menu trends to watch this year

As a restaurant owner or chef, you know how trends change and favorites fluctuate from year to year. The key is making sure your menu reflects your brand, but also hits on some of the key characteristics and selling points sure to make your customers happy.

The National Restaurant Association takes an annual poll of over 700 members of the American Culinary Federation and reports on what’s hot for the upcoming year. In their survey, they found five menu trends every restauranteur should know about.

Vegetables Featured Front and Center

Veganism is hitting the mainstream — just ask any of Beyonce’s followers. With many high-profile celebrities extolling the benefits of going vegan, and multiple documentaries on the topic being produced, more people than ever are cutting animal products from their diets. Some reports say the number of vegans has grown by 500 percent in the United States since 2014.

As you might expect, this influences what consumers are looking for from their local restaurants. Vegans like to eat out too! Chefs are putting more veggie-focused items on the menu, both to give vegans options and to highlight the often-overlooked tastiness of plant-based foods.

Ethnic Inspiration

African spices and Portuguese meats are all the rage. Curry and condiments like sriracha, gochujang or chimichurri are gaining traction, both at home and on restaurant menus. You won’t go wrong developing some ethnically inspired dishes for your menu.

Hyper-Local Ingredient Sourcing

Customers love veggies and meats sourced from the farm down the street. Local flavors should be your top priority. If you are sourcing ingredients from far away, such as fish, make sure you commit to finding sustainable, healthy fisheries and clearly outline the details in the menu for your customers.

New Cuts of Meat

Ever had a Vegas strip steak? What about a Merlot cut? Many different cuts of meat are becoming mainstream, and your customers will notice if you add oyster steak or shoulder tender to your menu.

In-House Creativity

What can you make in-house? House-brewed beer, house-made condiments and house-made pickles all top the list of items customers love this year. House-made sausage, ice cream or charcuterie are also options. Use your creativity to spruce up your menu with individual ingredients created from scratch, by you and your staff. Customers care!

Stratton Sales can help you make this upcoming year the best yet for your restaurant. It might begin with analyzing menu trends, but our support doesn’t stop there. Get the equipment you need to keep your kitchen functioning or expand your capabilities by adding machines to make you more productive while you work.

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