cookie production equipment

How to Choose Cookie Production Equipment to Fit Your Bakery

Cookie production equipment helps bakeries take their business to the next level in terms of profit. When you’re able to make more of the customers’ favorites, you make more loyal customers.

Stratton Sales is here to support you in your efforts to fill your kitchen with the ultimate selection of cookie production equipment. Our mixers, depositors and ovens can help can help boost your output.

cookie production equipment

Decide on Cookie Type First

When it comes to choosing cookie production equipment like a depositor, the type of machine you purchase will depend on the type of cookie you’re making.

For round cookies, a drop cookie depositor acts like a pastry bag, dropping the dough onto trays. If you have a specific shape you’d like for your cookie, opt for a wire-cut depositor which shapes the dough, then slices it to the desired thickness with a wire. A rotary moulder depositor is best for biscuit-like cookies.

Consider Machines That Offer Flexibility

Since cookie production equipment is a major investment, it’s important to think about the future before making a purchase. Decide on machines that offer flexibility, then you can add those menu items you think will be the next big hit.

For example, find mixers that work well with low-absorption dough for cookies, but can also work with high-absorption batters for bread.

Let Production Volume Make the Final Decision

How many cookies are you trying to produce in one day? Knowing this will help you narrow down which type of cookie production equipment you should purchase, and also help you gain a realistic view of your budget.

It’s important to match up volume and equipment choice to avoid making two mistakes: wasting money and space on machines you don’t need, or wasting money on machines that can’t keep up with demand and sabotage your growth efforts with a major decrease in quality.

If you purchase a machine with a far greater capacity than you need, you are taking up precious square footage you need for additional appliances, work areas and storage. This just makes entering your bakery’s kitchen problematic and working daily in the space even more frustrating.

If you invest in a machine you think will fit your bakery’s needs but falls far short, you’ll put a damaging strain on the appliance and it could result in frequent breakdowns. Paying for repairs will be taxing, but so will watching your bakery’s quality level drop.

Trust Stratton Sales to help you find the cookie production equipment that fits your needs and your long-range vision. Call today to learn more about our products!


Baking Therapy: It’s Mood-Lifting

Baking therapy is real — you aren’t imagining the pleasant feelings and overall mood enhancement you feel when you take a freshly baked chocolate cake out of the oven. Official scientific studies prove it: baking therapy is beneficial for those with mental health disorders.

Why is baking therapy effective at improving concentration, increasing feelings of self-esteem and building confidence?


Baking Requires a Slow, Methodical Approach

Mindfulness is a helpful technique for staying consciously in the present. Baking is an exercise in focus and concentration. From measuring to mixing to kneading, you can’t rush through it — you have to take it slow. This keeps you calm and centered throughout the process, reducing stress.

Using Your Hands Keeps You Grounded

More and more, people are staring at screens as they go about their everyday lives. There are screens in the grocery checkout line. There are digital displays everywhere you look. You carry around a small screen in your hand 24/7.

Baking therapy is so effective because you’re forced to work with your hands. It stimulates your brain’s cortex and helps enhance mental health. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Work Together and Strengthen Bonds

When you have a friend, co-worker, spouse or child help you bake, you’re boosting your mood through teamwork. Working together helps strengthen emotional bonds and helps you feel a sense of community and purpose.

Use Your Senses

Baking therapy isn’t all in the mind. It starts in the senses too. You’re touching, tasting and smelling your creation as you go, and this also helps you relax.

Exercise Creativity

When you’re allowed to let your creativity run wild, it can helpfully contribute to your emotional well-being. Being creative is a wonderful way to express your individuality and your ideas, and it instantly puts you in a better mood.

Sharing Gifts with Others

Baking symbolizes selflessness and giving. It’s no fun to create a delicious treat if you aren’t going to share! When you bake to give to others, you’re tapping into a desire for an altruistic purpose. You feel like you’re contributing something positive to the world that has both physical and emotional significance.

Next time you’re asked why you love to bake, you’ll know how to explain why you find such satisfaction in the kitchen, whether it’s your hobby or your profession. Baking therapy may be part of the reason the kitchen is your happy place.

Do you have all the supplies you need to make your next baking therapy session a success? Trust Stratton Sales for mixers, ovens, trays, tables and any other items you need for your in-home or commercial bakery!