Why New Restaurant Equipment Can Enhance Safety

New Restaurant Equipment Can Enhance Safety

Adding restaurant equipment to augment or replace current machines is a big investment, and isn’t one that should be made lightly. There is room for plenty of debate on when it’s time to retire a machine, such as an old oven, or when a repair could make it last just a little bit longer.

But when it comes to employee safety, it’s hard to argue for keeping restaurant equipment that contributes to injury risk, no matter how old it is.

Is it time for new restaurant equipment for your establishment because of safety concerns?

Move from Residential to Commercial

Do you use residential appliances when you should have commercial-grade systems? Not only can this possibly void the warranty on the equipment, but the appliance or tool will wear down much faster than it should. This means a breakdown is more probable, and a malfunction could mean injury to a staff member.

If you’re depending mainly on residential appliances to get the job done, consider making the investment in commercial-quality equipment. If you are building a restaurant to last for the long-term, it’s a smart move.

Upgrading: An Excuse to Re-Train Your Staff

Whenever you add an asset to your kitchen, it’s the perfect opportunity to revisit proper safety procedures with your staff. You can go over federal and state operating regulations and ensure every person who will have to use the oven, mixer or tool is prepared. This can mean acknowledging that they’ll use the right eye protection or gloves, or signing off on a fire-safety protocol training procedure.

New Equipment Means Proper Function, Less Injury Risk

When you’re using outdated equipment, there’s a higher risk of improper function, such as a frayed wire leading to an electrical shock. When you upgrade to new equipment, you know everything is working properly. If it isn’t, your warranty is still valid to cover manufacturer defects, restoring full, safe function.

When Is it Time to Upgrade?

The ideal time to upgrade is when your equipment has lived a useful life, but before it causes any employee injury. You should regularly assess each item in your commercial kitchen, as a full inspection can reveal defects before any injuries happen, signaling it’s the right time to look into a replacement.

You Have Options at Stratton Sales

At Stratton, we make your restaurant success a priority. That means we want to make sure you get the longest useful life out of your current systems, but also get the right upgraded restaurant equipment when you need it. We offer a range of high-performing, commercial-grade appliances for our customers, and we’re dedicated to making it fit your budget with flexible financing options.

Contact Stratton Sales today, where you have options and a team committed to your success.