Cleaning a Commercial Oven Blog Post

Cleaning a Commercial Oven: Your 5-Step Guide

Cleaning a commercial oven isn’t just a chore to do for the sake of cleanliness. It has a major impact on your oven’s energy efficiency and the ultimate taste and quality of the products you bake.

Regular maintenance also helps prevent breakdowns over time. Cleaning your oven is not a task you should avoid, but embrace! If it’s not you personally handling the job, make sure your employees are fully trained on how to do it right. Below is our five-step guide to a clean commercial oven.

Step 1: Don’t Put it Off, Time it Right

We’ve already explained why it’s not the best move to put off cleaning a commercial oven but take note: The oven should be wiped down at least once per day. This is the only way to prevent a buildup of grime, oil and debris that would otherwise be difficult to remove.

As important as it is to clean the oven daily, don’t do it first thing in the morning. Save it for right before closing time. That way, you can leave the door open and let it air dry so it’s fresh for the next day.

Step 2: Wipe Up Crumbs Immediately

Crumbs are one of the biggest reasons the oven needs to be cleaned so often. When particles build up at the bottom of the oven, they burn and smoke, which can affect the flavor the baked products. Wipe up all crumbs whenever they spill.

Step 3: Soak, Soap and Scour Racks

Next, remove all oven racks and soak them in hot water and a cleaning solution. Use a wire brush or scouring pad to dislodge any baked-on particles. While this can be time-consuming and require multiple rounds of soaking, it’s worth it to have shiny oven racks.

Step 4: Go In-Depth Once a Month

It’s not essential to do an in-depth cleaning every night, but it is smart to plan one at least once a month. For a deep cleaning, wipe down all interior oven surfaces thoroughly with a manufacturer-approved solution. Check your manual for specific recommendations. Pay special attention to the areas near the vents and fans to make sure airflow is efficient.

Step 5: Wipe Down Seals

Also, make sure you include the seals on your cleaning checklist. It can be a significant expense to replace worn and ineffective oven gaskets, but if you keep them clean, you’re less likely to have problems.

At Stratton Sales, we are all about helping you maximize your appliance investment by offering tips on cleaning a commercial oven or any other maintenance questions you might have. Just call us whenever you need advice!