bakery maintenance

5 Great Bakery Equipment Maintenance Tips

Your bakery equipment is what keeps production rolling and the kitchen open. When it breaks down, it causes a major interruption in your work flow and a loss in sales. To minimize breakdowns, make bakery equipment maintenance a priority.

Here are five ways to keep your ovens, mixers and other equipment functioning smoothly:

1. Follow a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Above all else, the most important bakery equipment maintenance tip is to clean your machines regularly. Equipment failure is usually caused by a lack of cleaning. Not only is it unsanitary to leave particles of flour, pieces of dough and baking oils in the machine, it can also cause a buildup that impairs proper function.

Make sure the machines are cleaned after every shift, and institute a weekly or monthly in-depth cleaning schedule.

2. Clean with the Right Products

While some machines only need water for cleaning, some need soap too. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Don’t try out a new cleaning product until you’re sure it can be used with your machine.

Many equipment warranties are conditional, based on whether maintenance instructions were followed correctly. This includes cleaning the machine properly. If it’s proven that the machine’s problems are due to user error, you could lose warranty coverage.

3. Perform Preventive Maintenance

Inspect your machines during the in-depth cleaning sessions and check on all the visible parts. If you see that some pieces are worn, loose or need oiling, take care of it right then. Staying proactive with repairs will also help minimize breakdowns. Taking care of the little issues will help prevent larger problems.

4. Stock Up on Spare Parts

It’s not a bad idea to order backup spare parts for your oven or mixer. Whether it’s a belt or blade, having a stash can help shorten the time your bakery equipment is idle. You won’t have to wait for the part to arrive — you’ll just have to call a repair service and hopefully get same-day results.

5. Follow Manufacturer Usage Instructions

Make sure you fully read the operational manual and closely follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Train each member of your staff to use your bakery equipment the right way. Not only is this important for maintaining the machines, it’s essential for warranty protection.

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