Commercial Baking Equipment

Commercial Baking Equipment: 6 Reasons to Invest

High-quality commercial baking equipment can be a game-changer for your bakery or restaurant. If you’re looking for solid reasons to make the move to professional-level equipment, we have answers you can count on.

Below are six time-tested reasons commercial baking equipment is one of the smartest uses of your business funds.

1. It’s Just That — an Investment

Name-brand commercial baking equipment is built to last, maybe even longer than you’ll want to use it. You might want to upgrade to the latest model that has new features in five to 10 years. Or maybe you’ll need a larger-capacity machine.

Not only will your appliances have served you well over their lifetime, they’ll most likely still be functioning and still worth money. You can trade them in or sell them and put the funds toward your appliance upgrade.

2. You Get Quality and Increase Quantity

Residential equipment isn’t designed for the grueling, repetitive work a commercial setting demands. Not only will your equipment have trouble keeping up, you’re likely to get a subpar result.

With commercial ovens and mixers that are designed for creating large quantities of a high-quality product, you won’t worry about keeping up with demand and sustaining an excellent product.

3. Your Kitchen Operates Faster

Baking multiple small batches in a row takes more time and holds up the production line. Don’t you work better when every person and appliance in your kitchen is operating at maximum efficiency? Create the smooth, fast operations process you need when you invest in modern appliances.

4. You Pay Less in Energy Costs

High-end machines are built to maximum energy efficiency standards. You will use less energy and save money. You’ll also need to use them less frequently than your old, residential-level appliances, since they have a higher capacity. Together, these two factors will lower your bills.

5. Your Life Gets Easier

It’s simply less of a headache when you don’t have to make spot repairs every day. You don’t have to cross your fingers that your oven will turn on. Your life just gets easier, and that is invaluable to a small business owner!

6. You Can Be More Creative

Because many commercial baking equipment items are designed with additional capabilities, you’re free to be more creative in your baking. You aren’t limited by the basic settings on your old appliances.

Ready to give your kitchen the upgrade it needs? Contact Stratton Sales for information on financing commercial baking equipment. We have many options available to help your business succeed.