Boost Bakery Capacity

4 Ways to Boost Bakery Capacity

Increasing bakery capacity puts your business on the fast track to higher profits. When you make more sales, you hit your targets sooner.

How can you increase bakery capacity and reach your goals this year?

1. Let Machines Handle Tasks

From bread slicers to pan washers, a range of commercial equipment can save time at your bakery — time that you can invest into upping your production. If you’re depending on manpower to do tasks a machine could handle, consider making the switch to automated.

2. Expand Appliance Capacity

Do you have trays waiting to go in the oven but not enough space? When you increase appliance capacity, you increase bakery capacity. It’s the fastest way to produce more.

Another way appliance upgrades increase bakery capacity is through energy savings. Many modern machines offer significant energy savings over machines manufactured over a decade ago. When you save money on monthly utilities, you can reserve more of your cash flow for supplies or labor.

3. Hire Expert Help

The first employee any bakery should hire is a skilled one. You need another “you” — someone who can quickly take direction and infuse their own creativity along the way. It’s important to have someone you can depend on for day-to-day tasks so you can take time to focus on the management side of your business.

4. Analyze Efficiency in Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen setup reducing your efficiency? This is often overlooked, but a change to your kitchen layout can dramatically boost production. Convenient placement of appliances and bakeware can save time on tasks and allow you and your employees to be more productive.

5. More Tips for Bakery Owners

Whenever you’re working to increase bakery capacity, make sure the demand is high enough to meet your supply. There is nothing worse than boosting production only to find that the product isn’t selling. Analyze past reports and seasonal trends to see what sells most and when. Don’t just start adding numbers to your daily production targets — use data to back up your efforts. This will result in the highest payoff for your business.

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