opening a bakery

Opening a Bakery? 8 Items You Need

Opening a bakery is a serious endeavor that starts with investing in a range of high-quality equipment. If you have the right tools, the right skills and a plan to go along with your vision, sales will skyrocket.

Are you ready to compile a master list of all the back-of-house items you need? Here are eight key pieces of equipment every bakery needs:

1. Oven

The oven is one of the most important components in any bakery. Do you want gas or electric? Do you want a convection oven or a deck oven? Does it need to have a steam system?

There are so many different ovens, each with a wide range of features and characteristics. Your oven of choice will depend on the type and volume of baked goods you create.

2. Mixer

A dough mixer is just as important as the oven, perhaps more so, since the way your dough is mixed directly affects the quality of your final product. First, you must decide from among planetary, spiral arm or horizontal mixers. Then you need to choose the capacity.

3. Sheet Pans, Racks and Shelving

After you’ve decided on an oven, it’s time to find baking pans that are the right size and orientation. You will also need a number of cooling racks. And get as much shelving as possible. You will have plenty of ingredients and tools that will need homes.

4. Proofer

A proofer allows your dough to rise at the right temperature, for the right amount of time. Control humidity levels and prevent the dough from rising too quickly or too slowly.

5. Work Table

If you’re opening a bakery, you’re no stranger to hard work. And hard, fun work is exactly what you’ll be doing. Wouldn’t it be nice to roll out your dough on a firm, clean work table? Every baker needs one (or three).

6. Sanitation

If you’re opening a bakery, or any type of food service operation, you’ll need a selection of sinks. You will need a three-compartment sink for washing, rinsing and sanitizing. You will also need a hand-washing sink and a mop sink.

7. Refrigeration

Every bakery needs refrigerators; it’s just a matter of what type of unit is right for your space. Reach-in refrigerators allow you to keep the ingredients you need close at hand. Worktop refrigerators give you more space.

8. Storage

Bakers need plenty of storage for equipment and ingredients you need, but don’t want, right in your workspace. Investing in storage bins and food boxes will help free up extra room in your work area.

Trust Stratton Sales when you’re opening a bakery; we have the supplies and equipment that will give you the jump-start you need.