Invest in Quality Revent Ovens

Purchasing Revent ovens for your bakery is a wise investment. Revent ovens’ efficient, quality baking produces superior products and increased profitability. When you’re in the market for an oven upgrade, consider Revent, a brand known for its durable, long-lasting ovens.

Why Revent?

The Swedish company Revent invented the world’s first rack oven in 1958, and they have been revolutionizing baking technology and oven manufacturing ever since.

For example, using their unique wedge system, Revent ovens are delivered in sections that are easily assembled within a matter of hours. This is an attractive feature because it saves time and money, but also because it makes convenient oven relocation plausible.

Overall, Revent is a company well-known for its excellent, heavy-duty construction and flexible, versatile baking power found in all its ovens. When browsing their baking products, check out your options in these three main categories:

Rack Ovens

The rack oven is what Revent is known for. After all, this inventive company is responsible for its creation. The first characteristic you’ll notice is the range of sizes offered. The company produces mini-, single- and double-rack ovens, depending on product volume needs.

Convection Ovens

Revent’s trademark convection heating system, total convection control (TCC), is renowned for how it effectively facilitates airflow to promote even baking. They offer a wide range of oven sizes, but each product is designed to make it easy to keep clean.

Deck Ovens

The Revent deck oven is ideal for the bread baker, and you can order your oven to fit your production needs. It’s built with a modular design that allows you to select either a two- or three-pan-wide deck configuration, then decide how many decks high is right for you. It also comes with adjustable heat intensity controls.

Revent’s Unique Steaming System

Revent has patented a steam generation system called the HVS steel ball steam system. The oven generates the maximum amount of steam during the baking process, so the dough is able to expand in the beginning of the baking process. Then the steam creates a shiny finished crust by the end of baking time.

Expert Baking

With modern control panels that store up to 100 recipe configurations, Revent ovens deliver traditional baking perfection combined with advanced technological benefits. When you’re outfitting a commercial bakery or kitchen, you need the right tools to guarantee uninterrupted quality production, and Revent has solutions for you. Trust Stratton Sales to connect you with the right Revent products — call today to learn more about what we have to offer.