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6 Pieces of Baking Equipment You Have to Have

Your baking equipment shopping list grows by the day when you start to think about all the items you need to run your new bakery successfully. Not only is the list long, but it’s expensive, too. When you’re trying to cut costs, invest in the most essential equipment and purchase the six key items below.

The Right Commercial Mixer

The quality of your commercial mixer helps determine the quality of the mix it produces. You can mix more and still mix well. But finding the right commercial mixer can be a challenge. It starts with knowing which type of dough you mix most often.

An Oven That Fits Your Needs

Bakers have mixed opinions on convection vs. conventional ovens, and you probably do too. Again, this largely depends on what you’ll be baking. Size and oven type are two of the top factors to consider when choosing the right commercial oven, and we can steer you in the right direction.

A Dough Proofer

A commercial proofer ensures that every batch of dough is set to proof the same way. This helps you maintain product uniformity and keeps your customers coming back for the same taste and texture again and again.

A Dough Sheeter

Rolling out dough by hand? It’s a huge, time-consuming activity. With a dough sheeter, this is done quickly, effectively and automatically. You no longer have to allot time and energy to this task. And time is one of your most valuable assets when you run a bakery.

A Bread Slicer

This is one of those machines that just makes life easier, but also contributes to the quality of the product. When you’re slicing bread to sell or use for sandwiches, taking care of the job by hand isn’t realistic for a large-scale production, and you get the same results every time with an automatic machine.

Sheet Pan Racks

You need a place to store all the goodies you create, and that’s why sheet pan racks are a must. Don’t forget to allot space for these in your bakery kitchen layout.

Get Financing and See a High Return on Investment

At Stratton Sales, we make it possible for you to obtain all the baking equipment you need, with as little cash out of your pocket as possible. With business financing options for our high-quality products, we service countless professionals in the baking industry just like you. Let’s talk today about how we can help you get your new bakery set up and running efficiently.