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We Have a Brand New Test Bakery

We understand the need to test out a piece of bakery equipment before you make a purchase. With the cost of some bakery items, like an oven, it would make no sense to purchase a high-ticket item if you have never seen it work. That is the main reason we built a brand-new test bakery right here in our facility in Salt Lake City, because we want you to be confident and happy with any purchase you make through us.

We expect this test kitchen will come in very handy when it comes to things like perfecting a dough recipe, testing out a Donut Robot or watching an automatic Cookie Depositor in action. Just the other day we were showing a customer how to use her recently purchased Donut Robot. She left very happy and confident in her purchase, which made us feel great about the work we do. You can almost see the possibilities for this test bakery, which makes this all very exciting to us.

We have stocked our test bakery with an oven, water meter, proof box, spiral dough mixer and other items, not to mention ingredients and all the other things you would expect to see in a bakery. If you would like to see something in our test bakery, simply give us a call and we can schedule you a time for you to meet with us and see the any machine we carry in action.

Please feel free to give us a call at (801) 973-4041 and set up an appointment in the test bakery. Be sure to specify to us which equipment you would like to see.