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Bakers Expo 2019 (IBIE)

As you may or may not know, the International Baker’s Expo, or IBIE, is taking place in a few days in the hot hot heat of Las Vegas Nevada. Another thing you may not know, is that we are very excited to be attending the event. We will not be there in a formal capacity, but will be there nonetheless, checking out all the booths and such.

As distributors of high-quality baking equipment, we will be on the lookout for all the new machines that will be at the show. IBIE is an important event for us because it allows us to get out and rub elbows with like-minded professionals in the baking industry and really gives us a chance to immerse ourselves in the worldwide baking community and learn about new machines, processes and information that we can bring back with us to help our customers get the best products possible.

The Baker’s Expo not only displays things like a car show, it is also a chance to attend a workshop or learn about a new process you have been interested in. IBIE brings people from all around the world to one place, to all talk about the same thing; baking. So, whether you are there as a student, a seasoned baker, a manufacturer or a distributor like we are, IBIE is sure to have something for everyone. Don’t forget about fresh baked bread and pastries, IBIE is sure to have plenty of that as well.

Booths We’re Looking Forward To
  •  CMC America (Booth 5003)
  • Dough Tech (Booth 2735)
  • Revent (Booth 4843)
  • Innovations Showcase (Booth 3400) Here is where you can check out all the newest things to hit the industry, like new machines, processes, automations and such
  • JAC Machines (Booth 3119)
  • Belshaw Adamatic (Booth 5817)
  • Practical Baker (Booth 4866)
  • Plas-Ties Co. (Booth 4410)
  • Escher Mixers (Booth 1927)
  • Miwe (Booth 7068)
  • LVO Manufacturing (Booth 2427)
  • Advanced Detection Systems (Booth 3233)

There are more than that, but we thought we would take it easy. Really, we want to see everything and take it all in.

We hope to see you there, Las Vegas Nevada, September 7th – 11th.