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The Escher Spiral Mixer; Made for Dough

If you work in a bakery and make cookies or bread or anything that requires the use of dough, you know how important your dough recipe is. You know how important it is to add the flour, the water, sugar and oil, but have you given much thought to the mixing stage? Chances are you may not know how important the mixing stage is in defining the structure of the dough, so let’s talk a bit about dough mixing and specifically, dough mixing with an Escher mixer.

Why Use a Spiral Mixer?

Spiral mixers are the perfect tool when it comes to mixing dough because they gently mix through dough, allowing the dough to develop without overworking or tearing. Most spiral mixers come with two motors, one to turn the mixing tool and one to turn the bowl, mixing dough more efficiently and more gently than a planetary or horizontal mixer, so heat from friction isn’t as critical of a concern. To learn more about the types of bakery mixers read this blog post.

Why Use an Escher Mixer?

There are many reasons to use an Escher mixer, one is the quality of the mixer and the accuracy of finish. Since 2000 (and for three decades before the company officially opened) Escher has been manufacturing high quality mixers for artisan and industry, as well as gaining expertise and knowledge in the field of mixers and kneaders. Another reason to use an Escher Mixer is ease of use and simplicity. Escher Mixers are very easy to use, saving you the time and energy of learning a complex machine. Lastly, the quality of the mixed product is perfection. There is literally no other machine like the Escher when it comes to mixing dough because like we said earlier, this machine was made to mix dough.

Today, Escher boasts a complete range of mixer models including Fixed Bowl Mixers, Planetary Mixers, Rotating Bowl Mixers, Mixers with Bottom Discharge Systems and Robotic Systems. Read more on the company here.

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