Replacing Bakery Equipment Boosts Employee Morale

Replacing Bakery Equipment Boosts Employee Morale

Your aging, broken-down bakery equipment doesn’t endear your employees to their workplace. It makes them sigh in frustration.

When was the last time you honestly assessed whether your bakery’s commercial equipment was up to the task of meeting daily demand? Is it time to upgrade to new, efficient models? Your employees probably say yes.

No One Wants to Use Outdated Tools

Baking is a craft over which a baker has a considerable amount of control. They can select the ingredients, control the mixing method and use their years of experience and effortless skills to create wondrous treats, from puff pastry to layer cakes.

But when it comes to the point where the product has to bake, it’s out of the baker’s hands. They have to trust that their oven is powerful and efficient enough to cook their creation thoroughly and evenly.

This is why it gets frustrating for bakers to continue to depend on outdated bakery equipment. Old machines don’t have the features newer appliances do, and they might not work properly. If your employees are relying on out-of-date appliances, you can bet they’re discouraged.

You’re Spending Too Much on Energy Costs

Another downside to using older machines is the drain on your wallet. They use up more energy, driving up your monthly bills.

Utility rates aren’t getting any cheaper, so energy-efficient, modern machines that operate on less power could instantly help your operational budget.

Stop Bothering with Temporary Repairs

Are you constantly paying for minor repairs that never seem to last? Do you have your service technician’s number in your phone? You’re wasting money if you’re spending it on repairing machines that are past their prime. This is a sure sign it’s time to upgrade rather than stay stuck in the past.

Could You Combine Operations?

Newer bakery equipment allows commercial kitchens to combine two functions into one unit. Your oven could double as a steamer. This would save money, because you’d only have to buy one appliance instead of two, and it would free up valuable prep space in the work area — another benefit for your workers!

Your Employees Will Thank You

Putting a smile on your employees’ faces will translate to smiling customers. Your staff will thank you when you make sure their work environment is fully functional, beautiful and smartly designed.

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