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When Your Bakery Equipment Breaks Down — Repair or Replace?

Deciding to repair or replace your bakery equipment is not an easy choice to make. Your mixers, ovens, proofers, and sheeters represent a significant investment in your business — perhaps the largest single-dollar purchase you make in the course of running a bakery or commercial kitchen.

So how do you decide when you’re done with repairs and it’s time to start shopping for replacements?

Is Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment Safe?

As long as your commercial mixers, ovens, dough dividers, dough proofers and bread slicers do not pose any safety risk to you or your staff, you may not have to replace them just yet.

Does Your Bakery Equipment Still Produce?

Has your production suffered any drop-offs? When you can no longer produce at the same rate, this can directly affect your bottom line. Your equipment could be costing you more than you think.

Can You Still Get Parts for Your Equipment?

How easy is it to get replacement parts for your bakery equipment? If your repair technician struggles constantly to source your parts, it may be time to consider replacement.

Does Your Equipment Still Meet Your Needs?

Do you have the bakery equipment you need to make what’s on your menu? If you’ve adapted over the years to make less-than-ideal equipment work for your needs, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

How Much Are You Spending on Repairs?

Although we have no hard-and-fast formula to answer this question, we often recommend our customers look at it as they would a used car. How long do you keep pouring money into repairs when the equipment is hardly worth what the repairs cost? You can do a cost analysis yourself, but getting input from a trusted manufacturer and distributor can help ensure your calculations are accurate and up-to-date.

How Can You Put Off Replacing Your Industrial Kitchen Equipment?

To ensure your industrial kitchen and bakery equipment lasts as long as possible, start out with a good foundation. Purchase the very best equipment, even if it stretches your budget a bit.

Remember, spending a little more upfront can save you time, money and hassle for years to come.

The second way to ensure your bakery equipment remains in good working condition for as long as possible is to have regular preventive maintenance and repairs performed by a qualified professional.

In addition to providing the highest-quality industrial kitchen equipment available today, Stratton Sales also offers commercial baking equipment repair and maintenance services. A highly respected industry leader in northern Utah, we are committed to exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Contact us today for help in determining whether you should repair or replace your commercial restaurant or industrial bakery equipment.