Selling Baked Goods at a Farmers Market

Selling Baked Goods at a Farmers Market

There are many avenues for selling baked goods, but a farmers market is a great way to integrate into your local community. It’s where your neighbors congregate to browse and shop. It’s a social event as much as a sales venue, so it’s perfect for networking and making some extra profit.

Farmers Markets Are a Great Way to Get Exposure

Many community members might never hear about your bakery if they didn’t see you at the farmers market. Maybe they don’t drive by your shop or they simply haven’t had the time to visit it. Selling baked goods at the local market is how you bring your talents to them. Providing bite-sized free samples can draw them in and help keep you in their mind when they’re looking for locally made products.

Talk with the Local Coordinator

To get on board, first discuss possible openings with the local coordinator. In many towns, the majority of farmers market slots are reserved for farmers only, with a set number of spaces allowed for other vendors, such as bakers.

If there is a space open for you, ask about the details. Do you have to bring your own canopy and table? What’s provided and what isn’t?

You Probably Need a License and Permit

If you are selling edible products, you are likely required to have a license and a permit from the health department, similar to what’s required for your own bakery. If you’re already in business, it’s usually just a matter of filing paperwork to legally sell at the farmers market. Make sure you display your health certificate in accordance with the market and the town’s regulations.

Offer Freebies to Entice Those Passing By

If you’re having trouble enticing shoppers into your stall offer freebies to get them interested! Free samples are a great way to make curious snackers hungry for more.

Build an Attractive Booth

Make sure your farmers market customers know who you are and how to find you. Hang a banner with your bakery’s information. Hand out business cards with your hours and location. Design a booth that’s eye-catching and wear a friendly smile while you interact with your customers!

Bake Season-Friendly Items

Be mindful of what your customers want to eat from season to season. It’s important to keep temperature in mind as well. You don’t want frosting that could melt in the hot summer.

Make it Easy on Yourself

Selling baked goods is easy when you have the production down pat. Trust Stratton Sales for high-quality bakery equipment that will allow you to bake at the top of your game, creating fresh, delicious products to sell, whether it’s off the shelf or in the middle of a busy Saturday morning farmers market.