Facts About Doughnuts

Facts About Doughnuts That Might Surprise You

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? And they’re not just fun to eat, they’re fun to learn about, too. As a baker responsible for bringing soft, warm, gooey doughnut goodness to your customers, you can now impress them with your doughnut knowledge as well.

Here are some fun facts about doughnuts you can share with your customers:

1. There Isn’t One Right Way to Spell It

Doughnut is the original dictionary spelling, but many places use the shorter “donut” now. In fact, doughnut used to be the only spelling, but the Merriam-Webster Dictionary now lists donut as an alternate spelling, allowing you to choose your favorite.

2. They’re More Than Just Slightly Popular

People love their doughnuts. In the U.S., over 10 billion are produced every year. The U.S. doughnut industry is worth $3.6 billion. Boost these numbers and get a doughnut machine to add power to your bakery’s production and give your customers what they want!

3. They Have Their Own Holidays

There are countless holidays dedicated solely to doughnuts. Jan. 12 is National Glazed Doughnut Day, and Nov. 5 and the first Friday in June are National Doughnut Days. June 8 is National Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day and Sept. 14 is National Crème-Filled Doughnut Day.

Make sure your shelves are fully stocked on these days and advertise your sales ahead of time to attract a crowd!

4. You Can’t Eat More Doughnuts Than John Haight

One of the most shocking facts about doughnuts is the doughnut-eating record. John Haight holds the current Guinness World Record after he ate 29 doughnuts in a little over 6 minutes. As much as you love doughnuts, it’s probably intimidating to think about eating that many!

5. Bet You’ve Never Seen a Bigger One!

The largest doughnut ever made was jelly-filled and weighed 1.7 tons. It measured 16 feet across and 16 inches high.

6. They’re Thought to Have Originated in Holland

While the origin of the doughnut isn’t certain, many believe that the Dutch brought the doughnut to America prior to the Revolutionary War. They were once called “olykoeks,” meaning “oily cakes.” They were first referenced in literature by Washington Irving, the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Use Their Popularity to Your Bakery’s Advantage

You don’t have to turn your bakery into a doughnut shop, but if you offer doughnuts at your bakery, you are certain to see a spike in sales. Everyone loves doughnuts, especially creative flavors! You can make savory options or stick to the sweet, glazed classics.

A doughnut maker from Stratton Sales can help you make more doughnuts in less time. Share these facts about doughnuts with your staff and customers alike so they can enjoy a side of trivia with their treat!