Essential Equipment for Every Bakery Blog Post

Essential Equipment for Every Bakery

Any bakery, large or small, needs the proper equipment to operate both safely and efficiently. Just like a home builder can’t work without tools, a great baker and staff can’t accomplish their goals and serve their clients without the right baking materials.

At Stratton Sales, we’re here to provide your bakery with all these products. We source from the top manufacturers in the industry to bring you the highest quality bakery supplies, from mixers and dough trays to commercial ovens and industrial kitchen equipment. Our experts are in tune with the most important needs of your space – here are five vital pieces of baking equipment that virtually any bakery needs.


If you’re a bakery that uses its own dough – which most bakeries do – you absolutely must have a bakery mixer on hand. Mixers use a gear-driven arm that rotates in circular motions, helping stir, whisk and beat dough and other materials as they’re being prepared. This arm is attached to a set of beaters, which do the actual mixing, but these beaters can also be replaced with a dough hook to help with kneading.

Our dough mixers come with timers and controls that allow you to specify their uses. They can run at various speeds and both clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on your needs.


Likely the first item many people think about when they hear the word “bakery,” the oven is another must-have essential in your kitchen. There are several different types of industrial and commercial ovens on the market depending on your needs, from convection ovens for sweeter treats like cakes and cookies to tunnel ovens for the largest industrial baking operations. Ask our experts about which of our ovens might be best for your space and output needs.


The dough proofer is an item that’s used often during the process of helping dough rise. “Proofing” is a common baking term that refers to the final part of the rising process, one where the bread ferments and allows yeast to leaven the dough. The proofer’s job is to help control the heat and humidity of the dough, keeping it spread evenly across the entire product for consistent quality. Once again, there are several proofer options out there depending on your needs.

Bread Slicer

Particularly for bakeries where bread is a primary focus, the bread slicer is a must. Many of your clients will expect their bread sliced, and having these pieces of equipment also helps significantly with bagging and organizing bread. Slicers have the capability to cut into a variety of sizes and styles as you require.

Pans and Bake ware

Finally, any bakery needs clean, sanitary spaces to cook on and store things in. In general, the best bakeries look for the highest quality products here – it’s better to pay a bit more up front for the best and most durable materials, rather than going cheaper and being forced to replace more often. We have a variety of pans and other bake ware that fit different bakery sizes and needs.

For more on the most essential baking equipment materials, or to learn about any of our industrial kitchen equipment, speak to the pros at Stratton Sales today.