Baking Trends

Baking Trends for 2018 You Should Know About

“Slow” Dough

 With a growing focus on gut health, fermented products are taking front and center, and this includes dough. Slow dough is dough that has been fermented and is rich in probiotics. It results in a crispy product when cooked that is commonly used for pizza crust. It reportedly doesn’t cause as much bloating as regular pizza crust.

Middle Eastern Foods

 Middle Eastern cuisine is growing in popularity, from staples like baba ganoush and hummus to naan bread and tikki masala. World dishes in both modern and traditional forms are becoming more widespread around the country.

Plant-Based Foods

 Veganism is more than a diet — it’s a lifestyle. A plant-based menu will attract many vegan diners. From vegan cupcakes to five-course dinners, incorporate plant-only menu selections to delight local vegans.

Upcycled Foods

Restaurant food waste is a hot topic. Structuring your menu in an effort to reduce the amount of food your company throws away is better for lowering operating costs and also a great way to show your customer base that you are committed to sustainability. Upcycled foods have a large potential consumer market.

Goth Foods

 While rainbow foods used to be on-trend, baking trends for 2018 include goth colors. From activated charcoal to straight-up black food dye, think about ways to include darker colors in unexpected ways, preferably items with health benefits.

Sugar Reduction

 Bakeries and restaurants everywhere are reducing the amount of sugar they use in their baking. If you can maintain the flavors your customers love but take away some of the calories, you’ll be a go-to place to visit when they’re looking for a satisfying snack or marvelous meal.

Floral Flavors

Flavors are going floral! That’s what experts say, so think about how you can incorporate flower flavors to stay on top of baking trends next year. Think violet, orange blossom, lavender and more.

 Edible flowers are becoming a popular snack, but the essence of the flowers is what will provide the creative profile needed to inspire new snacks, meals, drinks and desserts for your menu.

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