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Why Kitchen Equipment Matters for ROI

Just like for any front-facing business, return on investment (ROI) is very important for any bakery or food-related company. There are a number of factors that go into your final ROI, from employee compensation and overhead to process and material costs. At Stratton Sales, we’re here to help you with another vital element that plays a huge role in your bakery’s ROI: Your commercial bakery equipment, for which we’re here to provide numerous choices as well as repair services. Let’s go over some of the basics of why having the right baking equipment is so valuable to your profits and business success, plus how to balance your baking quality with your bottom line.

Broad Importance of Proper Equipment

If all other factors are equal, bakery equipment can be the element that makes or breaks both the quality of your product and your potential for strong profits. There are two broad, general reasons why this is the case:

  • Taken separately, various baking products are not valuable to your business. Products that still need to be baked, mixed, processed or proofed will come with limited shelf lives, and may increase your waste output if not organized and processed properly. On the flip side, the right equipment and processes here will lead to a consistent product that sets a strong baseline for the rest of your business.
  • Like other areas, cost and efficiency of your equipment has a major effect on your total business profits. If baking is a large part of your business, this effect only goes up.

Balancing Quality, Function and ROI

The tug of war between quality and ROI is a constant one for business owners of all types, and this is particularly true in the baking industry. When you’re picking a new piece of equipment, consider each of these important areas:

  • How easy will it be for operators to use?
  • What kinds of space and energy use will new equipment take up?
  • What sorts of maintenance and cleaning processes will be required for new equipment? Who will be in charge of these processes?
  • Are new products versatile and functional enough to help with multiple areas of production?
  • Do new products produce high-quality baking products?

For each of these areas, you want to go through and do a detailed cost/benefit analysis before purchasing new equipment. If you determine that a new piece of equipment saves you overall in these combined areas, that equipment could be right for you. Look for how the equipment will improve your operations and begin paying for itself over time, so it’s not just a wasted investment. To learn more about why baking equipment is so vital to your business, or for information on any of our industrial kitchen equipment, speak to the pros at Stratton Sales today.