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Smaller Storefronts: The Trend That’s Changing the Way You Think About Bakeries

Usually when a baker decides that he/she wants to open their own bakery, there are two question they need to ask themselves; is it going to be retail or is it going to be wholesale? So, let’s say you have chosen to go the route of retail. Now there is another question; do you go small or do you go big? In the past, bakers have not had to deal with the rising cost of outrageous rent and lack of space to make their bread or pastries, but all that is changing.

Millennials take hold

With millennials taking their foothold in every aspect of life, it’s no surprise that they have also made an impact to trends in the baking industry. From smaller, bite sized pastry’s to exotic flavored cupcakes, there is no part of this industry they have not influenced in some small way. One emerging trend is for is smaller, compact bakeries to meet the changing needs of customers.

The compact bakery is trending

Recent bakery trends show a large increase in the demand for specialty baked goods, healthy baked goods and breads for special diets. This trend is very prevalent in upscale communities but is quickly branching out to other places as millennials take their rightful place in the world. As you consider the evolving nature of your business, you may find that smaller footprint bakeries will help you meet the changing needs of the public and your customers. Being available when you’re needed is the next level of customer service and satisfaction.

Building a compact bakery

Building a compact bakery doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality or the depth of your product line. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Onsite production

Producing your products onsite highlights sights and smells of fresh, while also giving your customer an experience they can only achieve from visiting a bakery that produces goods in-house. Baking onsite equipment should be sized for the days production and the available space, thus it is very necessary to define your product line beforehand. Knowing what you want to make will allow you to maximize the efficiency of your machinery and square footage.

Everything in a compact bakery is on display, from making, mixing, finishing and baking. The whole process is on display and will add to the look and feel of your bakery. Revent’s new ONE series ovens are not only functional but they will showcase your beautifully baked products as well. Depending on the products you bake, you will be able to highlight the processes that make you unique.

Commissary Production

Producing in a commissary setting is a great way to maintain product consistency and quality as well as control costs. With advances in automated production machinery you no longer have to sacrifice quality for quantity. In fact, in many instances you will find increased quality by automating certain aspects of your process. Talking to a consultant or industry professional like Stratton Sales who understands machinery will help in choosing the right equipment for you.

Hybrid Production

Combining both commissary and onsite production will give you the best of both worlds. Onsite production and baking of selected items bring about the sights and smells of freshly made signature items. With supplementing products that are difficult to make or have lower margins from your commissary, you can round out your product offering and make your available space represent who you are as a baker.

As a baker, is a compact bakery right for me?

If you want to open a retail bakery that’s hip and trendy (and you really like the look and feel of a coffee shop) a compact bakery is definitely right for you. A compact bakery gives your customer a nice place to get a quick bite without all the hustle and bustle of a larger storefront. Let’s say maybe your customers want to bring a laptop and take advantage of your free wi-fi while they eat your hand crafted artisan breads and pastries in a quite setting, or maybe your customers want to get a quick coffee and a donut while they chat with friends in your nicely set up seating area, either way, a exactly bakery would be exactly what they were looking for.