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40 Amazing Career Ideas in Baking

Getting the right schooling or experience in the baking industry is fairly straightforward, either you go to a culinary institute or you get all your knowledge by apprenticing under a chef or a baker. We’ll go into all that in a later blog, but in this post, we want to talk about what you do after the schooling and after all the training. There are many different things you can do in the baking industry and they don’t all involve baking bread all day.

Baking Careers in the Kitchen

Here are a few careers that involve baking (for the most part)

  1. Bakery

It has to be said that bakery is the obvious choice for the first career.

  1. Cake Decoration and Sales

There is a large market for wedding cakes, cake pops and other pastries of the sort.

  1. Donut Shop

Because, who doesn’t like or buy donuts? Ok, I’m sure you have one friend that doesn’t eat donuts, but most of us do.

  1. Cupcake Shop
  2. Cookie Shop
  3. Bread Making

This doesn’t have to be in a bakery, but there are great opportunities for a baker that can make and keep great dough recipes.

  1. Vegan Bakery
  2. Organic Bakery

With the amount of people going vegan or all organic, it’s worth looking into.

  1. Pastry Shop
  2. Breakfast Shop

Yep, a shop that just does great artisan bread and pastries for breakfast (maybe some eggs and bacon), why not.

  1. Gluten-Free Bakery

Because even people that can’t eat bread like bread

  1. Pie Shop
  2. Healthy Bakery

A healthy bakery could be both vegan and gluten free, with fresh ingredients, low sodium and such. A great idea we think.

  1. Candy Making
  2. Coffee Shop

Out of The Kitchen Ideas

  1. Pastry Chef Service

That’s right a pastry chef caterer. Yes, that’s a thing.

  1. Event Catering
  2. Dessert Cart

Like a food truck, except a cart that you bring wherever you can and serve dessert. I know I always need dessert in my life, so you have a customer already.

Food Truck Ideas

  1. Dessert Food Truck

I had to include this one, because dessert!

  1. Food Delivery Service
  2. Gift Basket Truck or Delivery
  3. Fair or Carnival Truck

If you already have a food truck, why not be at the fair.

  1. Farmers Market Vendor

Same as the fair idea, take your truck or cart to the farmers market. People are hungry at those places, trust me, I go every Saturday.

  1. Holiday Treat Making/Treat Truck

We haven’t seen much of this yet, but with the changing world it seems like this could be a great idea.

Ideas for an Online Business

  1. Baking Teacher

You could always teach people how to bake online, or in a classroom, your choice.

  1. Write a Cookbook

If you have some good recipes you can write or publish your cookbook.

  1. Food Blogging
  2. Start a You Tube Cooking Channel
  3. Make Baking Videos for Sale

Market and sell your baking videos online, either through You Tube or another online channel.

  1. Baked Goods Subscription Service

Sell monthly subscriptions to great food recipes, healthy eating or baking secrets.

  1. Product Reviews

Give your opinions about baking products or bakeries or recipes (this can be done offline as well).

  1. Online Cookie or Cake Sales.
  2. Online Course Creation

Write course material for future bakers

  1. Home Baking Business
  2. Online Treats

Do it from the comfort of your own home.

Other Ideas

  1. Freelance Baking for a Café

You can make some good money baking for others.

  1. Baking Supply Store

Put your knowledge to use by helping customers be better bakers

  1. Special Ingredients Store
  2. Baking Teacher

Teach the future generation of bakers.

  1. Invent

Become an inventor of new recipes and trends.

As you can see there are a lot of ideas here, and we didn’t even mention all of them. The internet has opened the flood gates for a generation that can order everything offline simply with a click of a button, so the baking industry must adapt to this. Internet sales and marketing will need to be at the forefront of any of the before named careers, but with a little hard work, anyone can make a great living for themselves in this industry.