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Belshaw EP18/24 Donut Proofer

Belshaw EP18/24 Donut Proofer
Belshaw's EP18/24 cabinet proofer provides the most flexible method of proofing donuts, cinnamon rolls, and all yeast-raised goods under 3" finished height.

This robust, mobile, go-anywhere, use-anywhere proofer offers top performance no matter what configuration of equipment you have. With 2 models (standard and extra depth) to accommodate all common screen and bun pan sizes. Models feature separate heat and humidity controls and two different shelf configurations to accommodate multiple types of product. Capacity is from 68 dozen (standard) to 113 dozen (extra depth) large donuts per hour1.

With 6 plexiglass doors which enable the operator to inspect product condition on any shelf, these proofers are designed for maximum convenience.

Cleaning is made easy with removable shelves and doors and a slide in-and-out electrical compartment. All components are heavy duty for commercial use. EP proofers require no plumbing, hard wiring, or special installation.


  • Auto-water connection
  • Temperature gauge


1 Capacity measured at a proofing time of 30 min.