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Absorption Ratio: An indication of the relative “heaviness” or “wetness” of dough.
The formula to calculate absorption ratio is AR = weight of water/weight of flour X 100

Aging Room: A climate controlled room to provide the best environment for dough to age or ferment.

Aluminized Steel: An aluminum coated applied to steel baking pans to extend the pan life, conduct heat. Pans may be used plain or glazed with a silicone resin glaze

Artisan Bread:High quality bread products produced by skilled bakers using high quality ingredients. The dough is fermented and baked directly on a stone baking hearth. This hand crafted bread has more flavor a better crust and a complex texture.
Baguette: A long, thin loaf of bread with an open crumb and a crisp crust.

Bake Off: The process of baking frozen pre-shaped dough or finishing the baking cycle for par-baked dough

Banneton: A French word for proofing baskets or rattan. Used for artisan baking to let dough rest and proof. Noted for the coil shape impression it leaves in the dough.

Boule: A round loaf of bread.
Ciabatta: Translated as "slipper" in Italian. Rectangular flat loaf with large holes throughout the loaf.

Convection: A type of oven that circulates heated inside the baking chamber.

Couche: French word translated as "couch". A piece of linen cloth used by artisan bakers to proof dough and transport dough to hearth oven peels. Crumb: Describes the interior of the bread in terms of holes, moistness, color texture and flavor.

Deck Oven:A baking oven with one or more flat baking surfaces. Noted for producing high quality artisan breads but can be used for pizzas or other baked goods. Deck ovens usually have a hearth baking surface and a self contained steam generator.
ETL: A certification for machinery that sets manufacturing standards in electrical and sanitation.
Fermentation: The length of time dough is allowed to rise after mixed. Fermentation describes the action when yeast feeds on the available starch, converting sugars to alcohol and carbon dioxide. This process provides flavors and develops the holes in the artisan bread crumb.

Forming: Shaping dough by hand or machine.
Hearth: The oven deck made from stone, brick or cement.

Hydration: The ration of water to flour in dough..
Levain: A natural sourdough starter made by fermenting a mixture of flour and water. It usually refers to a stiff, firm starter.
Mould: Forming bread dough into the desired shape.
NSF: A certification that sets equipment standards for refrigeration temperatures and sanitation.
Oven Rack: Special racks designed to withstand baking temperatures that are designed for use inside rack ovens.
Par-Baked: Bread which has been partially baked (about 80%) and is refrigerated or frozen and then the baking process is completed.

Peel: A wooden paddle used to slide bread into or out of a hearth oven

Planetary Mixer: A mixer with interchangeable mixing attachments, the mixing bowl is stationary while the mixing tool travels inside the mixing bowl.

Proofing:The process of dough fermentation. Allowing dough to rise.

Proofbox: A room or cabinet where temperature and humidity are controlled to assist in proofing or dough fermentation.

Proofer Retarder: A cabinet incorporating the features of a proofer and a retarder. Used to allow product to thaw or age overnight and automatic switch into a proofing mode at a preset time.
Rack Oven:An oven using convection heat where special designed racks are used to roll product and racks directly into the oven. Noted for the self contained steam system and the ability to produce a wide range of baked goods.

Rattan:Used in artisan baking to let dough rest and proof. Noted for the coil shape impression it leaves in the dough.

Retail: A bakery that sells primarily to the public. An in-store supermarket bakery.

Retail: A bakery that sells primarily to the public. An in-store supermarket bakery.

Revolving Tray Oven:An oven where product is placed on shelves and the shelves revolve inside the baking chamber. Noted for even, consistent baking.

Retard: To slow fermentation by cooling the dough. To slow the rise of dough allowing for more flavor to develop naturally over a longer period of time.
Score: To cut the surface of proofed dough prior to baking.

Sheeter: A machine to flatten dough into sheets. Is available for pizza, bread and pastry production.

Spiral Mixer:A mixer classification. The spiral dough hook is permanently mounted to the mixer and while the mixing tool turns the mixing bowl rotates. Primarily used in bread production or anytime a spiral hook is required.  

Submerger Screen: A mesh grid that holds donuts under the shortening.
Wholesale: A bakery that produces product for sale by others.
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