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Belshaw TZ-17

Belshaw TZ-17 Thermolizer
The Belshaw TZ-17 Thermolizer is built to work hand in hand with the TG-50 Thermoglaze system. With casters standard, it is ready to roll into position. Frozen donuts that are thawed in the Thermolizer have greater moisture content and longer shelf-life than those thawed in air. Moreover, donuts can be held in the Thermolizer for up to five hours, giving bakeries more flexibility in deciding when to make donuts.

Thaws and Conditions:

  • 20-30 minute thaw is typical. Maintains condition of donuts typically 5 hours or more.


  • Fanned interior ducting distributes air continuously. 1-switch operation with controls hidden but readily adjustable.


  • Accepts 17" x 25" glazing screens for use with Thermoglaze TG-50.
  • Accepts other screens up to 24" x 24" (72 screens are recommended).

For use with Thermoglaze oven and glazer.