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  • Baking Ovens
  • There’s Muffin - Like fresh baked goodness
  • Donut Production
  • Tools, Talent, Treasures - Small baking tools to help with any project


Deck Ovens

Deck Ovens

Ideal for bread products
with the built in steam

Artisan Breads


Donut Robot Machine

MARK 1 Donut Robot®

Donut Robot® machines deposit, fry, turn, and dispense cake donuts.




Perfect for rolling out all types of dough.

Dough Make-up

Celebrating 40 Years of Building Bakeries

Stratton Sales is the one-stop resource for all of you Bakery needs. We distribute,
represent, and manufacture high quality bakery equipment to supply the Retail,
Wholesale, Supermarket, and Food Service baking industry. Our focus is in providing the
highest quality bakery equipment to meet your production needs, reduce labor costs, and
maintain high product quality. We are your bakery equipment experts.

Since 1969 we have been gaining knowledge and experience to ensure you succeed. We
are able to assist you from the infancy stages to growing your business or expanding your operation. We offer consulting, layout, design, and installation... Read more

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Revent Update - 12 Feb, 2013

REVENT Corporation has recently expanded Stratton Sales distributor territory to include Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Utah.   REVENT is recognized as an industry leader manufacturing Rack Ovens, Deck…

Daily Use - 04 Dec, 2012

LUBRICATE PANS – Apply a baking pan lubricant to the baking areas of the pan prior to each use. Brand new pans, once seasoned, do not require…

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